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E-Drains Hydro Jetting & Plumbing offers the best drain cleaning service for your home or business. We provide reliable and professional drain cleaning services that will quickly get your drains flowing smoothly again. Drains can get clogged for various reasons, so it's vital to clear them ASAP! Our plumbing experts are equipped with the necessary equipment and knowledge to unblock your drains, so you can enjoy a cleaner home. Don't hesitate to call us if you have noticed water pooling around the drains or shower water draining away slowly. These are signs that your drains need urgent attention.


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La Mesa (Spanish: La Mesa, lit.‚ÄČ'The Table') is a city in San Diego County, located nine miles (14 kilometers) east of Downtown San Diego in Southern California. The population was 61,121 at the 2020 census, up from 57,065 at the 2010 census. Its civic motto is "the Jewel of the Hills." == History == Before European colonization, the area that is now La Mesa was home to the Kumeyaay. The Kumeyaay were a Yuman-speaking people who practiced horticulture and hunting and gathering. The Kumeyaay organized themselves into a federation of self-governed bands, or clans.

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